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An integrated auxiliary of Disciples of Healing Ministry is an independent, unorganized, unincorporated, nondenominational and non-501c3 private Christian fellowship—meaning DSM is NOT a non-profit organization or association and, therefore, is NOT tax-exempt. 

InPrivate International Health Guild

We are a Private Unincorporated Association for community

This is a private, membership-based unincorporated organisation that operates by referral only. To access more information you must be personally referred by an existing member.

Assist Humankind

Helping you establish your faith-based service to others using the core principle of do no harm.

"For I will restore Health to you and heal you of your wounds," says the Lord

Jeremiah 30:17



Get all you need from our educational portal to set yourself and your family free in the private jurisdiction.


Access a range of templates and documents tailored to address a range of various situations.

Our membership is not just about defending our rights.

We are also focused on community building and proper business dealings with the municipal corporations of the world as well as all other organizations seeking to do business with us. This delicate practice can only be done with education.

Here are just some of the benefits our members enjoy

  • a private and secure community forum

  • instruction on how to operate privately

  • private organization information

  • templates for various situations including optimal protection of our person, estate, securities, obligations and all the rights associated with them.

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InPrivate International Health Guild


InPrivate International Health Guild is a private, membership-based organisation and is functioning for entertainment purposes only. No information shared or discussed should be considered as legal or health advice. By visiting and entering this website or any of its entertainment libraries in any way you hereby agree that you entered into a private domain subject to the private membership terms of InPrivate International Health Guild. 

The InPrivate International Health Guild, reserve all rights and are not responsible for individual use by the Users and/or Visitors to this site. This site is proprietary in nature and controlled under special private agreement. Obtaining any material including but not limited to downloads, recording, copying of any kind, cut and paste, hand written, etc., from this site by any and all parties without express permission from The InPrivate International Health Guild, is expressly forbidden. All State and Federal public entities, legal persons, offices, officers, agencies or agents are barred from extracting content from this site under any presumption of law without express permission by the InPrivate International Health Guild. All state and federal persons and offices will be held liable in their private and public capacities for any breach of these conditions. Assumed and presumed public statutory authority over the private proprietary property of The InPrivate International Health Guild, contained and maintained on this site is hereby rebutted and denied without a valid quo warranto, express contract or express agreement.

Notice to agent is notice to principle. Notice to principle is notice to agent.